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Commercial-grade equipment that works perfectly for personal training or individual home gym. Brand new upholstery on all machines. 1. Squat cage for squats, bench press, and chin-ups/pull-ups 2. Combination flat bench which goes to a fully seated position and various angles in between3. All of the plates for the bench press, squat, seated calf raise, leg press machine, and abdominal (all of these machines are plate loaded)4. Combination back pulldown machine (also triceps press) and seated back cable row 5. Rack for storage of bars, accessories6. Combination leg extension and leg curl machine7. Excellent (plate loaded) leg press sled8. Seated (plate loaded) calf raise9. There is also a (plate loaded) abdominal bench (not pictured).10. Other: Black mini frig, water cooler, TV with ceiling mount, and punching dummy